Finnish Insurance Brokers’ Association

On Customer’s side. Always.

We are here to represent professional insurance brokers and protect their interest.

About us

Insurance brokers arrange insurance cover for customers and assist customers in claims negotiations. We provide free compliance and regulation support and advice throughout the country and represent member interests with high level national decision makers.

Board of directors

Consists of 5-8 members. Members are chosen in the annual meeting for a 2-year time period.

Member contact information:

  • Markku Rantanen, chairman
  • Terhi Kiviranta, vice chairman
  • Antero Airo, legal affairs
  • Sirpa Bitter-Helve, insurance broker certificate
  • Irina Simula, legal affairs
  • Kari Willgren, international affairs
  • Harry Strömberg, legal affairs
  • Jasmina Ketola, chief operating officer

Good Practice Guide for insurance brokers

The Board of Directors has compiled a good practice guide for brokers. The guide works as a practical tool and sets a standard for professional broking by discussing the following topics:

  • insurance broker as player on the insurance market
  • insurance broker as customer’s representative
  • confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • competition
  • compliance
  • customer fund management
  • remuneration
  • service agreement and broker’s letter of authorization
  • reporting and documentation
  • relationship towards insurance companies
  • training and maintaining skills
  • KYC
  • use of the title of insurance broker

Join us

Finnish Insurance Brokers’ Association offers many benefis to its members. Benefits that support and assist insurance brokers to work professionally, maintain trust amongst customers and keep up with the latest developments of the industry.

Membership benefits are as follows:

  • credibility and trustworthiness
  • ethical guidelines
  • seminars
  • one point of contact
  • driver of common causes / interests
  • following legislation and international affairs
  • information on news
  • templates for various agreements and documents
  • examples of successful lobbying
    – VAT process
    – broker’s letter of authorization template
    – KYC best practice
    – good practice guide for insurance brokers
    – participant on the insurance broker’s exam board

Membership fee 2023 and invoicing

Membership fee for 2023 is 1 000 euros per insurance broker company and, in addition, 100 euros per registered insurance broker.


    Next Board of Directors meeting
    Will be published soon..

    Next insurance broker exam will be held as  follows:

    • General studies: Wednesday 24.4.2024 at 9.00–12.00
    • Life insurances: Wednesday 24.4.2024 at 13.00–16.00
    • Non-life insurances: Thursday 25.4.2024 at 9.00–12.00

    Insurance broker certificate
    Insurance broker certificate may be obtained by sitting an exam arranged by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health twice a year. The exam consists of three parts: general studies, life insurances and non-life insurances. The exam can be taken in Finnish or in Swedish. More information:

    Thirty years of insurance broking in Finland “Aina asiakkaan puolella”
    Published 14 February 2023.